Local vs. Organic

A Carbon Foodprint Story

Where did Organics go in Heidi Ho? We are now Heidi Ho Veganics; Always Vegan. Always

CarbonFreeWhy? At Heidi Ho, we strive for carbon neutrality. We choose locally grown ingredients with sustainable practices over certified organic ingredients with larger carbon foodprints. We invest in Carbon Fund which supports projects working to capture methane from dairy farms and turn it into a renewable energy source. Heidi Ho Veganics is recognized as a Carbon Free Company. It doesn’t stop there. We believe in supporting local agriculture.

There are many farms in Oregon that follow strict organic practices but are not USDA certified. A lot of times the farmers cannot afford to certify their farms organic. Government subsidies are not going to our local organic farmers. USDA Organic certification was once considered the pinnacle standard within the healthy products industry. But then the recession came and the rise of the local food movement. We believe our ingredients should not travel thousands of miles to our plates. We believe the future of our food is in our local communities. Heidi Ho Veganics is choosing not to honor the USDA Organic Certification standards as we believe our criteria for sustainable food supersedes. Because of that, we are choosing to remove ‘Organic’ from our name. Our ingredients will remain as local and as organic as possible. Plus, Veganics is quite catchy isn’t it?

Our commitment to you is that we will always buy organic ingredients if they are available
locally. We will always be transparent about the source of our ingredients. We will always make
decisions for Heidi Ho Veganics based on what is going to be best for this planet and the health
of our customers. We believe our choices do have an impact. We believe yours do too.

To find out more about each of our ingredients and where they are sourced, click on our
Localvore Page under Suppliers.

To give us feedback, please feel free to shoot us a message.

Farmers and Awesome Distributors
Meridian Organic Hazelnut Orchards
Gathering Together Organic Farm
Spring Hill Organic Farm
Gee Creek Organic Farm
Organically Grown Company
Mountain Rose Herbs
Earthly Gourmet
Glory Bee

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